One of JITEM’s top objectives is the establishment of 100 unicorns by AMRITKAAL. To realize this ambitious goal, a fundamental step is the cultivation of 10,000 leaders.  With intent to achieve – and exceed – the aforementioned goal, JITEM has implemented an innovative platform dedicated to the training, mentoring, and empowerment of potential entrepreneurs. 

The platform offers a comprehensive range of services: Initial Services Entrepreneurship Aptitude Assessment: A thorough evaluation to determine inherent entrepreneurial skills and qualities. Business Suitability Assessment: Guidance to identify business sectors that match individuals’ expertise, strengths, and interests. Study of Twenty Business & Startup Options: Comprehensive analyses of twenty potential business sectors and startup ventures for broader understanding. Business Plan Template: A structured guide for drafting a comprehensive and effective business plan. Interaction with Business Owners & Mentors: Opportunities for direct engagement with successful entrepreneurs and industry mentors. E-book – Steps to Launch A Successful Startup: A detailed guide covering all stages of launching a successful startup. Blogs: A variety of written resources providing up-to-date trends, strategies, and insights from the entrepreneurial sphere.

Advanced Services For individuals ready to advance their entrepreneurial journey, the platform offers the following services: 6-month Mentoring Program: Tailored mentorship from industry professionals, providing guidance throughout the entrepreneurial process. Technology Support for MVP Development: Technological assistance for the design and creation of Minimum Viable Products. Incorporation and Compliance Guidance: Expert guidance on company incorporation, GST registration, branding, compliance requirements, accounting, and taxation. Introduction to Potential Financiers: Facilitating connections with potential financiers to secure necessary funding. Website and Social Media Setup: Assistance in creating a professional online presence through website and social media platforms. Registrations for Round 1 are currently closed. For future updates, please join our WhatsApp community. The JITOPRENEUR Initiative stands ready to help realize entrepreneurial dreams into reality.