The Global Economic and Leadership Forum (GELF) is more than just an event – it is the manifestation of JITEM’s aspirations, ideas, and achievements. Over an intense, enlightening span of three days, GELF serves as a global stage where inspiration, innovation, and leadership converge. GELF brings to life the essence of JITEM’s mission – to inspire, enable, and empower the emerging global leaders who will shape the business landscape of tomorrow. With participation from the world’s leading business luminaries and technological trailblazers, GELF provides an unparalleled opportunity to absorb wisdom, gain insights, and engage with the forerunners of global industry. Moreover, attendees have the opportunity to experience firsthand the cutting-edge technologies that are redefining boundaries and transforming the way we live and work.

GELF by Numbers: A Snapshot of the Experience 3500 Delegates: An impressive convergence of minds from across the globe, ready to engage, learn, and shape the future.25 Market-ready Business Opportunities: Uncover unique prospects in emerging sectors, ripe for entrepreneurial pursuits. 15 Global Thought Leaders: Engage with and learn from the world’s foremost business and tech visionaries, sharing their insights and experiences. 15 Industry-specific Workshops: Participate in focused workshops providing deep dives into key industry trends and skills. 25 Technology Showcases: Witness and interact with the most cutting-edge technological advancements, offering a glimpse into the future. And much more: From networking opportunities with like-minded individuals to discovering the potential of new markets, GELF offers a treasure trove of experiences. GELF encapsulates the spirit of JITEM – to inspire visions, enable dreams, and empower leadership. Join us and be a part of this transformative journey.

Why should JITO members attend Global Economic & Leadership Forum?

  • Most JITO members have been facing massive challenges to make their businesses future ready & also explore growth opportunities for them & next generation.
  • Emerging Technologies have been throwing challenges for existing businesses for survival & next orbit of growth
  • Global Economic & Leadership Forum offers opportunities to
  • Learn about emerging trends & technologies
  • Experience emerging trends & technologies
  • Listen to technology startups which can help businesses of JITO members be future ready
  • Meet global industry leaders who have already adopted emerging technologies & are getting future ready
  • Learn about emerging sectors & business opportunities driven by recent global developments
  • Network with industry focused technology & service providers who can help JITO members re-invent & re-orient their businesses for next frontiers of growth
  • Opportunity for the youth & next generation of JITO members to get a pre-view of what’s the roadmap for future business opportunities
  • Participate in Industry Specific Immersive Workshops on Emerging Trends & Emerging Technologies for businesses to be future ready.

 Expected Takeaways of Global Economic & Leadership Forum:

  1. Almost every business needs to re-invent & re-orient to be future ready
  2. Learning about Emerging Trends & Emerging Technologies is the first step making the business future ready
  3. Immersive industry workshops where:
    •  early adopters who are already future ready can demonstrate how they do it
    •  Where emerging technologies get showcased
    • Where industry players demonstrate how they have become future ready
    • Where technology solution providers are available for JITO members
    • Where technology experience center enables JITO members to touch & feel emerging technologies & understand it’s impact on their businesses

Why should the speakers/panelists consider the invite to speak at Global Economic & Leadership Forum?

Challenges faced by most businesses in India & around the world:

  • Emerging trends and Technologies are disrupting various businesses
  • Traditional way of doing business is getting disrupted and can become obsolete
  • To survive & thrive in this rapidly changing business world:
  • Businesses need to re-invent & re-orient their businesses
  • Explore next frontiers of growth

 Opportunity for you as a Speakers/Panelists

  • You are the thought leader of global stature who is globally respected
  • Business leaders are keen to learn from thought leaders to understand how the uncertain business world would unfold & how businesses need to re-invent & re-orient their respective businesses to explore next frontiers of growth

What’s the value proposition for Speakers/Panelists?

  • JITO is a massive organization with strong business connects in India & abroad
  • JITO has 68 chapters in India and 26 chapters globally outside India. No. of members of JITO 25000+
  • The three main objectives of JITO are Knowledge, Economic Empowerment & Service.
  • Members of JITO are eager to learn from the thought leaders and get insights on how the current global business environment and various industries are going to be impacted by emerging trends and technologies.
  • Wisdom and experience from global industry leaders would help JITO members prepare their respective businesses for the next normal in this ever changing business environment.
  • Members of JITO can learn from your experiences & business perspectives to develop the required mindset, vision and strategies to be future ready & leverage growth opportunities thrown open by so many trend setting technologies & mega trends


Business & Corporate Leaders

Technology & Policy Leaders




  • Networking amongst the top 1% of Jain businesses, service providers, investors, and the government
  • Laying roadmap of creating ‘100 Bhamashahs’ in technology leadership
  • Research reports defining the future of the top 15 industries
  • Opportunity creation by government and large businesses for MSMEs
  • Customizing India’s growth plan for ‘Amrit-kaal’ for the Jain community
  • Renewing JITO’s identity as a global business platform for attracting top Jains globally