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Jain International Trade Organisation (JITO)

JITO is a worldwide organisation of businessmen, industrialists, knowledge workers and professionals reflecting the glory of ethical business practices. It is a global organisation set to achieve socio-economic empowerment, value-based education, community welfare, practice of compassion, spread of global friendship and spiritual upliftment of fellow beings. In JITO, where numerous projects are actively running, and we are excited to introduce our latest addition, JITEM ( JITO Innovation Technology Entrepreneurship & Management). JITEM is a key project that has recently been launched, focusing on driving entrepreneurship and fostering technological innovation.

JITO Innovation Technology Entrepreneurship & Management (JITEM)

This project is the research wing of JITO where we will identify top entrepreneurs, trends, technology and business opportunities in sunrise sectors. Discuss with industry and tech leaders to formulate roadmap for traditional business and budding entrepreneurs to either reorient their existing business or get into identified sunrise industry. JITEM will deliver and facilitate an ecosystem for companies to do digital transformation. JITEM is primarily into research and technology enabling business to transform digitally.Join us on this transformative journey as we unlock the potential of digital innovation and empower businesses to thrive in the modern era. Together, let’s embrace the opportunities of the digital world and shape a prosperous future. Stay connected with us to stay at the forefront of the latest industry trends and developments. Together, let’s embark on a digital transformation journey towards success.



The Global Economic And Leadership Forum (GELF) Is A Pioneering Platform That Connects Business Leaders, Technology Providers, Consultants, And Fund Providers From Around The World To Stimulate Innovation, Economic Growth, And Global Welfare. Through Immersive Experiences And Cross-Sector Collaboration, GELF Accelerates The Adoption Of Emerging Technologies And Drives Economic Progress.

“Only those who reserve the seat will get priority to register for GELF”


Our Entrepreneurship Program Offers A Structured Approach To Assess Your Potential, Access Valuable Resources, And Launch A Successful Startup. This Features A Psychometric Assessment To Determine Your Personality Type, Abilities, And Suitable Business Opportunities. Here You Get Access To A Platform With 700+ Opportunities, Blogs, E-Books, And Insights From 250+ Real Entrepreneurs And Experts.


Navigating The Ever-Changing Business Landscape Can Be A Daunting Task. With The Rapid Pace Of Technological Advancements, Social Shifts, And Global Economic Dynamics, New Industries Are Emerging, While Others Are Being Redefined. In This Bustling Kaleidoscope Of Opportunities, The Key To Success Lies In Identifying The Trends At An Early Stage And Seizing Them Before Others Do.


JITEM Serves As An Innovative Platform, Dedicated To Assisting Traditional Businesses In Navigating The Challenges Of The Contemporary Digital Landscape. Our Objective Is To Facilitate The Exploration Of Untapped Growth Potential, Diversification Of Operations, And Achievement Of Sustained Success In An Ever-Evolving World.

Outcomes Of JITEM

  • 100 unicorns in emerging technologies by 2047 by identifying ivy-league graduate entrepreneurs and engaging them with technology think tank leaders from the world
  • Maintain or Increasing GDP (JGDP) contribution in India over the current ~25% by 2047
  • To become a resource center for perpetual up-gradation of new age tech-data bank with latest trends and technologies

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